Bennett to Jewish leaders: “Take action to reduce Palestinian tensions”

Prime Minister Naftali Bennett, in a Zoom conversation with the heads of the Conference of Presidents of major American Jewish organizations, said that although there were no political breakthroughs with the Palestinians during his tenure, he did. intention to take measures to reduce conflicts with them.

“Everyone understands that we don’t expect a political breakthrough in the near future,” Bennett said.

“There has always been a dichotomy – either advocate for a Palestinian state or do nothing,” the prime minister said. “I think there are many areas where action can be taken to reduce the problem even if it cannot be solved at the moment. If the coronavirus cannot be completely eliminated, will we do nothing? If it is not possible to eradicate all traffic accidents, will we do nothing?

“Especially in the economic field – I believe that employment and living with dignity can improve people’s situation. Both sides can take measures to reduce tensions and improve lives,” he said.

Asked about the meeting between Defense Minister Benny Gantz and PA chief Mahmoud Abbas, Bennett said he had no plans to meet with Abbas because he had filed a complaint against Israel with of the International Criminal Court.

“As a person who comes from the business world, if someone is chasing me I’m not being nice to them,” Bennett said. “I also don’t want to create for the Palestinians the illusion of something that will not happen and then the disappointment that may have negative consequences. This is the current situation and I understand it. We will not take action. We will freeze construction and take steps to stabilize the area. “

Bennett also said in a conversation on Zoom that following his meeting with US President Joe Biden, a joint team has been formed for Israel and the United States to deal with the Iranian issue.

Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett and US President Joe Biden. (credit: KOBI GIDEON / GPO, LEAH MILLIS / REUTERS)

“We oppose the nuclear deal – but I understand America’s position on the issue,” Bennett said. “Instead of fighting all day over the nuclear deal, we see it as part of a much larger strategy. Our strategy is not just about whether or not there is a return to it. ‘nuclear deal. “

Bennett noted that his visit to Washington was aimed at restoring the bipartisan atmosphere regarding US-Israel relations.

“Joe Biden is a true friend of Israel. We will be honest with each other. We will be human with each other. We will tell each other the truth – and when there are things we are not about. okay, we’ll talk about them and solve them quietly. “

Presidents’ Conference President William Daroff told Walla that the conversation with Bennett that took place before Rosh Hashanah lasted 30 minutes and was warm and helpful.

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