Biden Caves on Russia Sanctions, Preserves Putin’s Sponsorship of Iran’s Nuclear Program

President Joe Biden holds an official press conference in the East Room of the White House in Washington, DC on January 19, 2022. (Kevin Lamarque/Reuters)

Some days you can’t even catch up.

President Biden has assured Russian despot Vladimir Putin that Biden’s proposed Iran nuclear deal would immunize Moscow from sanctions the administration otherwise describes as crushing Moscow for its barbaric, unprovoked war on Ukraine. So Russia will not only reap desperately needed revenue; it will also continue to develop the nuclear program of jihadist Iran.

At Free Washington Beaconreports Adam Kredo:

Rosatom, Russia’s leading energy company, has signed a $10 billion contract with Iran’s Atomic Energy Organization to expand the Bushehr nuclear power plant in Tehran. Russia and the Biden administration confirmed on Tuesday that the new nuclear deal includes exceptions that will waive sanctions against both countries so Russia can honor that deal.

As I recently observed, Putin mocked Biden over the latter’s brave speech about crushing Russia with sanctions.

While Biden told the world how tough he was on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, he also – through his pro-Iran envoy Rob Malley – delegated the Putin’s diplomat to intercede and get the deal Biden is desperate to make with Iran. . And remember, the President of the United States is doing this in order to cut a deal with the world’s leading state sponsor of anti-American terrorism, which does not deign to meet face to face with Biden’s envoy.

At the eleventh hour, as the parties prepared to celebrate the new deal that would fill Iran’s pocket with billions of dollars in sanctions relief, Putin trolled Biden by demanding that he guarantee in writing that sanctions against the Ukraine that Biden touted would not interfere in the Russian-Iranian trade that is the basis of Biden’s deal with Iran.

Even as Putin bombs civilian infrastructure and mass murders Ukrainian women and children, Biden agreed that Russia would be responsible for stockpiling Iran’s enriched uranium and be free to engage in lucrative trade with Iran. . Biden was too embarrassed to put his administration’s assurances to Moscow and Tehran in writing, so – apparently for show’s sake – Russia’s demands led to a temporary suspension of negotiations on a new Iran nuclear deal.

But now, after a few days’ hiatus, Biden is giving Russia exactly what it wanted — just in public announcements rather than in writing.

As the Free tag reports, Biden’s State Department spokesman Ned Price confirmed that “we, of course, would not sanction Russian participation in nuclear projects that are part of resuming full implementation of the JCPOA. “. The JCPOA, of course, is Obama’s 2015 Iran nuclear deal, the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action.

the Free tag reviewed translations of Russian and Iranian documents relevant to Biden’s new deal. They show that Rosatom, the Russian state-controlled energy conglomerate, “has a $10 billion contract with Iran’s Atomic Energy Organization to expand the Bushehr nuclear power plant in Tehran.”

Officials of the Putin regime and the Biden administration have confirmed to the Free tag that “the new nuclear deal includes exclusions that will remove sanctions on both countries so that Russia can honor this contract”.

A spokesman for Putin echoed the US State Department’s assurance that sanctions against Ukraine will not be an obstacle to Russian-Iranian trade: “Additions have been made to the text of the future agreement on restoration of the JCPOA to ensure that all JCPOA-related projects, [especially] with Russian participation, as well as Bushehr [nuclear power plant]are protected from the negative impact of anti-Russian restrictions” by the sanctions against Ukraine.

Our Carine Hajjar has a great report on the Biden administration’s fierce determination to revive an arrangement that would empower our Iranian adversaries even as they attack US targets in Iraq (not to mention the plot to kill former US government officials).

Turns out it’s not half.

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