Brett Knudsen: Focus on the end of the war machine | Letters to the Editor

With September 11 now past its 20th anniversary, we must remember the implications that prompted this attack in the first place. It is not because of the Islamists’ hatred of American freedom.

September 11 was an attack known as the backfire. The flashback is where our foreign policy has a knock-on effect of retaliation. We have had troops and resources throughout the Middle East for most of the 1980s, since the Iraq-Iran war, the occupation of Palestine, and the building of bases in Saudi Arabia.

Our imperialist role has cost us lives, money and resources. We have participated in the country building function, not realizing that we cannot clean up a mess with a bloody mop. It is time to end this function of imperialism. It is time to close the foreign bases. It’s time to focus on America and peace. With heightened tensions against Iran and China, it is only a matter of time before corrupt politicians push for a new war; especially with an increased defense budget totaling nearly $ 800 billion.

This war machine has destroyed the planet, created enemies, exploited entire populations and prevented the use of money that could be directed towards investment in infrastructure, education or green technologies.

Let us focus on ending the war machine and look forward to a better future.

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