China-Russia-Iran naval exercise announcement “shows support for Tehran,” Chinese expert says


Russia has said it will hold joint maritime exercises with China and Iran in the coming months, in an announcement meant to show Moscow and Beijing’s support for Tehran in its confrontation with Washington, the South said. China Morning Post citing a Chinese analyst.

Sun Qi, an international relations expert at the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences, said the China-Russia-Iran exercise “demonstrates support for Iran in international affairs.”

Russian Ambassador to Tehran Levan Dzhagaryan said the exercises would take place in the Persian Gulf in late 2021 or early 2022.

“The annual CHIRU joint naval exercises will take place in the Persian Gulf region,” Dzhagaryan said, quoted by Russian news agency Sputnik. “Russian, Iranian and Chinese warships are participating. The main objective is to put into practice actions aimed at ensuring the security of international maritime transport and combating maritime pirates.

Sun said: “The announcement of the exercise by the three nations at this sensitive time shows the support of China and Russia for Iran, under the pretext of ensuring the safety of international shipping and fighting against piracy. “

Russia’s announcement came after the Chinese and Russian armies completed a week-long exercise in northwest China, focusing on counterterrorism operations but also enhancing the interoperability of their armies. .

According to the South China Morning Post, during this exercise 10,000 soldiers from the Chinese Army’s Western Theater Command and Russia’s Eastern Military District tested their latest weapons.

It was the first time that Russian troops used armored assault vehicles, infantry fighting vehicles and other main combat equipment provided by the Chinese military, the newspaper added.

The exercise was seen as China and Russia bracing for a worsening security situation in Afghanistan. Beijing is worried about the possibility of Afghan unrest spreading across the border into its sensitive region of Xinjiang.

China, Russia and Iran have also offered their support at a time when all three have come under sanctions from Washington. In a phone conversation last week with Ebrahim Raisi, his Iranian counterpart, Chinese President Xi Jinping said China would support Iran’s “legitimate demands” in negotiations over its nuclear program.

Xi said Beijing is willing to strengthen coordination with Tehran “on regional affairs to safeguard common interests and promote regional security and stability.”

As the Taliban seize Afghanistan after advancing into the war-torn country since announcing the withdrawal of US troops, China, Russia and Iran have accused Washington of creating chaos in the region, the newspaper added.

The publication said Iran also said it was on the path to full membership in the China-led security group, officially known as the Shanghai Cooperation Organization.

China, Russia and Iran’s military exercises in Persian Gulf bolster regional security against outside interference

The Global Times also said on Tuesday that maritime security was of great importance to Tehran, Beijing and Moscow.

“Ensuring the security of international shipping is vital for China, Russia and Iran,” Song Zhongping, a Chinese military expert, wrote in the Global Times.

“Most of Russia’s international trade is transported by freighters. Iran also depends on maritime transport for its oil exports. China’s imports of oil and gas and other foreign trade also depend on maritime transport. Ensuring the safety of navigation means safeguarding the economic security of the three countries. Therefore, it is normal to see China, Russia and Iran cooperate in terms of navy, especially their joint efforts against regional hegemony and maritime pirates, ”he said.

The newspaper also said that when news of the exercises surfaced, the New York Post said, “The news comes as the United States struggles to complete its withdrawal from Afghanistan.”

The stated purpose of the exercises is to ensure the safety of international shipping and to combat pirates

China, Russia and Iran, as friendly partners, are cooperating in various fields and, as countries in the region, are closely monitoring the evolving situation in Afghanistan, the Global Times said.

“The precipitous withdrawal of the United States will inevitably lead to crisis and uncertainty in Afghanistan. The cooperation of the three countries in this regard will help maintain internal peace in Afghanistan and prevent the spread of terrorist forces. But their main consideration for joint military exercises is to ensure the safety of international shipping in the Persian Gulf, and has little to do with the situation in Afghanistan, ”the newspaper said.

The Chinese newspaper said the planned military maneuvers in the Persian Gulf are politically important.

“Joint military exercises between China, Russia and Iran have political significance. This shows that China and Russia strongly support Iran in maintaining its legitimate foreign trade, especially through maritime transport. Beijing and Moscow support Tehran’s reasonable request for the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action on the Iranian Nuclear File and encourage Iran to strengthen its capabilities to ensure regional security. This can prevent Western forces from deeply interfering in the regional affairs of the Persian Gulf and the internal affairs of Iran. China and Russia can also hope to strengthen Iran’s military capabilities through the exercises, so that Iran can effectively counter the threat from Western countries, ”the newspaper said in its opinion piece.

He added that the New York Post mentioned that the drills will be led by “three of America’s biggest adversaries.”

However, the writer said, “Cooperation between China, Russia and Iran is focused on mutual benefit and win-win, rather than forming an alliance and engaging in confrontation. Take China and Iran. Iran can provide China with much-needed oil, and Iran hopes to increase its economic strength by increasing its energy exports.

President Raisi’s candidate for foreign minister Hossein Amir Abdollahian, whose competence is sure to be approved by parliament on Thursday, said the foreign policy priority of the new Iranian administration is neighbors and new emerging powers. .

Defending his priority in parliament on Sunday, Amir Abdollahian said his foreign policy would be “neighbor-based” and “Asia-based”. However, the former deputy foreign minister said he would follow a “balanced policy” in international relations.

Abolfazl Amoui, a deputy on the parliamentary committee on national security and foreign policy, said the foreign minister in the new administration will have to implement the 25-year partnership with China and monitor the strategic cooperation with China. Russia.


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