Controversy triggered by Colombian Defense Minister after calling Iran (Israel) a “common enemy”

Colombian Defense Minister Diego Molano has sparked new controversy after describing Iran as a “common enemy” in a controversial Israeli statement that dragged Ivan Duc’s government into international relations.

During Duke’s official visit to Jerusalem, Molano’s statements included the president’s agreement with his Israeli envoy, Isaac Herzog. Extension of military contracts, cybersecurity, border and space security, as well as the exchange of strategic intelligence “in the fight against international terrorism”, with particular emphasis on the “border with Venezuela”.

In a joint statement between Duke and Herzog, both acknowledged the duty “War” against “terrorism” Shape cells according to them Hezbollah, In addition to cooperating in international work to stop Iran’s nuclear development program.

As Herzog says, I hope Colombia can “Help yourselves to fight diplomatically” Against Tehran from his post as Chairman of the Council of the International Atomic Energy Agency, he confirmed that Tel Aviv was aware that Bogot was concerned about “Hezbollah terrorist cells on the border with Venezuela”.

Molano’s controversial statements came as new deals were signed between Duke and Herzog. “We have a common enemy here, which is the case of Iran and Hezbollah acting against Israel. But it supports the Venezuelan regime, so it is an important initiative and an exchange of information and intelligence, which we are building with the military forces and the Ministry of Defense in Israel ”, declared the Colombian minister.


Gustavo Pedro, Colombian senator and presidential candidate, was one of the first to respond to Molano’s statement, noting that his comments exposed Colombians to a potential war situation.

“Can Minister Diego Molano consider Colombia as the enemy of a country which maintains diplomatic relations?” Can a minister be at war with a country that has never hurt us?Pedro wrote on Twitter.

Likewise, Senator Luis Fernando Velasco declared that declaring Iran an adversary was “unforgivable” and reminded Molano that he had no authority to create such posts of Minister of Defense, which should only be mandated. by the president and the president.

Your declaration of Iran as an enemy of Colombia is unforgivableI remind you that we have diplomatic relations with this country and that you have no authority to classify another country as our enemy. Correct your mistake, ”Velasco wrote.

Congressman José Daniel Lopez also rejected Molano’s “irresponsibility” and asked him to correct why he should not engage in “unnecessary fighting” with the Middle East. “The irresponsibility of Minister Diego Molano on the Iranian file is not ordinary. Buying unnecessary fighting in a troubled region like the Middle East does not apply to any sane mind. Minister: Please correct. “

For his part, the presidential candidate Roy Perez Warned For the first time in Colombian history, a defense minister has declared Iran “irresponsible” and “an enemy state” on its own behalf. “And after? Declare war on him? There are many countries with unwanted regimes and interests, but they are not declared ‘enemies’, ”he asked.

Moreover, the Communist Party urged the minister to “urgently execute (…) the basic diplomatic program for the government” so as not to endanger the country. “International relations help build conversations Shouldn’t we create channels of communication with other states and declare hostility or doesn’t Iran have an embassy in our country?

Duke Interpretation

President It took more than a day for Duck to clarify the “enemy” qualification. Colombian Vice President and Foreign Minister Marta Lucia Ramirez, on tour in Japan, was trapped by Molano’s controversial statements, as he did.

First, Duque did not categorically reject the statement, saying Molano’s comments were aimed at questioning Iran’s political support for Hezbollah.

“Colombia has diplomatic relations with Iran, but Colombia is very clear on terrorist threats, which is why we have the possibility to ask many countries in the same diplomatic dialogue what kind of relation they can have with these factions. ” Two hours after Molano’s intervention, Duke said: According to Local media.

This Tuesday, however, the president clarified – but with his warnings Colombia “does not use the word enemies to designate any country”, Because “it is a nation which respects international law”.

“Colombia has diplomatic relations with Iran, but it has It doesn’t mean we don’t have differences In particular, said Duke, “these conflicts do not include the development of nuclear weapons, uranium enrichment or the proliferation of nuclear weapons.”

There has been no reaction from the Iranian side to the Colombian defense minister’s question. Last week he starred in another controversy Earlier this year, the Colombian executive was reportedly the victim of a cyberattack during a massive protest against the Duke government.

According to the Press Freedom Foundation, Molano’s office denied the allegations and said the report was a hoax. Cyber ​​attack When police and military forces were convicted for engaging in protests against abuses and human rights violations, the government sought to improve its image and justify its cyber patrol policy.

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