Drug source found in Gujarat’s 3 districts not traced, police suspect 15 Iranians detained

After the recent discovery of 457 packs of charas along the coast of Gir Somnath, Junagadh and Porbandar districts, police in these three districts investigated the source of the narcotic. Although they say it may have links to the 15 Iranians who were arrested off the coast of Porbandar a week ago, investigators are still looking for links between the two incidents.

As many as 104 packages containing suspected narcotics were first discovered on the Mangrol coast by Junagadh police on August 2. Subsequently, Gir Somnath district police discovered 319 similar packages over the next four days. Porbandar Police also discovered 34 bundles along the coast of Porbandar district. A total of 457 packages of suspected narcotics were recovered from the three districts during the first week of August.

Police said all the packages were similar with the substance packed in packages from Nabob, a coffee brand from Canada. Forensic analysis later confirmed the substance was charas, says police superintendent Manoharsinh Jadeja
(ES) by Gir Somnath.

The bundles began running aground about a week after the Indian Coast Guard (ICG) intercepted two Iranian boats with 15 crew on board off the coast of Porbandar on July 23. The 15 crew members – all Iranian nationals – were brought to the coast guard jetty. in Porbandar even though nothing suspicious was found on board the two fishing trawlers.

“After the discovery along the coast of Junagadh, our teams scanned the 100 kilometers of coast of Gir Somnath every day after high tides. Local fishermen also joined in and we seized over 300 kilograms of charas,” says Jadeja.

The training to scan the coastline was conducted by the Special Operations Group (SOG) of the Gir Somnath Police and a case under the
The Narcotics and Psychotropic Substances Act (NDPS) has been registered with Somnath Marine Police against unidentified persons.

“Although no further discoveries have been made over the past week, we are investigating how the narcotics may have landed on the coast of Gir Somnath. We suspect that the Iranians captured off Porbandar last month could have thrown these packages into the sea before they were apprehended,” Jadeja said, adding that there was as yet no direct evidence linking the arrests of Iranian nationals to the discovery of narcotics. .

Junagadh SP Ravi Teja Vasamsetty said Junagadh Police are also working on a similar theory. “There are indications that they could have been thrown overboard by the Iranians arrested by the Coast Guard on July 23 and subsequently arrested by Porbandar police. It is also possible that someone else threw the shipment overboard after being chased by security agencies,” Vasamsetty said.

“We requested details from the Department of Fisheries as to who was all operating near the International Maritime Boundary (IMBL) at that time,” he added.
Gir Somnath SOG Police Inspector SL Vasava said such finds are unusual on the coast of Gir Somnath.
“Usually objects thrown at IMBL off the Kutch coast are thrown up the Kutch coast and up to the Okha coast at Devbhumi Dwarka. But the fact that packages have been found so far south that the coast of Sutrapada at Gir Somnath suggests that someone threw them off the coast of Porbandar,” Vasava said.

While Porbandar SP Ravi Mohan Saini could not be reached for comment, sources said Porbandar Police are also working on the theory that the two incidents could be linked. “The timing of the arrests of Iranian nationals from Indian territorial waters and the discovery of charas bundles suggests that the two incidents could be linked. GPS devices from Iranian fishing trawlers and a seized satellite phone from Iranian nationals may contain clues,” the sources said.

Also in Devbhumi Dwarka, police discovered two packets containing suspected narcotics wrapped in coffee wrappers, but the labels are different. According to the police, at first glance, these packages do not appear to be related to shipments found in the other three districts.

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