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According to reports, Iranian Consul General Hassan Noorian met on Thursday with Agriculture Advisor to Sindh Chief Minister Manzoor Wassan, during which bilateral cooperation in economic and agricultural sectors was reviewed. According to sources, the consul general has offered tractors, combine harvesters and other agricultural machinery to the Sindh government.

Iran has also expressed a desire to spend $25 million on agricultural and other regions in Sindh. This is a much appreciated gesture from Tehran, and it is also something urgent given the country’s agricultural problems. Climate change, water stress, seed quality and other management issues have all reduced yield in recent years.

According to reports, Iran provides Pakistan with seeds, cold storage and hybrid seeds at lower prices than other countries.

Given the challenges faced by farmers in Sindh due to water scarcity, the introduction of new agricultural technologies and less water-intensive seeds could be beneficial. Pakistan has invested in research and development to develop seeds better suited to the country’s environment and increase yields. Accordingly, we can request significant technical support from Tehran in order to restructure our agricultural industry.

We need to strengthen our ties and our interdependencies with our western neighbours, particularly in the areas of trade and security. In terms of security, there are obviously shared concerns about terrorist groups operating on the other side of the border, and there is also significant scope for cooperation. Our relations with Iran have also been friendly, but many people believe that the full potential of the relationship has never been realized due to various external causes. Nevertheless, there are other areas in which the two countries can collaborate, and it is essential that Pakistan reciprocates and benefits from these changes, as it is essential to maintain friendly relations with the countries of your region.



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