Four nations unite due to Iranian instability in region: Israeli envoy to India

Israel’s new envoy to India, Naor Gilon, said that while the new Quad (Israel, United States, United Arab Emirates, India) was not against any country, one of the main factors in bringing the countries together was due to the instability caused by Iran in the region. Naor Gilon’s remarks sparked a strong reaction from the Iranian Embassy in New Delhi.

Addressing his first press briefing in New Delhi on Thursday, Gilon said: “The Abraham’s accords have enormous potential, and in a way, I think Iran has a lot to do with it, with fear and sentiment in the region, and common concerns. In the region.”

“We did not do it against any country. There is enormous potential for cooperation, especially economic and in infrastructure … One of the reasons our relations with the Gulf countries proved to be open was, among others , Iran’s shared fear and concern. Iran is the region’s greatest destabilizer. It is involved in every country, from Yemen to Lebanon, including Iraq, Syria and Bahrain. everywhere, causing instability, ”added Gilon.

The Israeli envoy’s remarks sparked a strong reaction from the Iranian embassy in New Delhi. In a statement issued in response to “alleged childish remarks by an adventurous envoy,” the Iranian embassy said: “Israel, a house of terror in which its illegitimate establishment was rooted in bloodshed, l assassination and slaughter of Palestinians and other nations in the Middle East, a regime including its scandalous involvement in the current spying of Pegasus as well as a history of occupation and invasion of other territories in Syria and the Lebanon as well as its atrocities and war crimes against innocent people in Qana, Kafar Qasem, Sabra and Chatila camps is well known to everyone in the world. How could (they) advise peace coalitions and accuse others who have defended the victims of extremism and aggression in the region? “

Recent remarks made by Iranian leaders against Israel have not been welcomed by Tel Aviv and Ambassador Gilon said concerns about Iran and India‘s interests due to developments in the situation in Afghanistan were discussed during the visit of Foreign Minister Dr S Jaishankar to Israel.

“In general, in foreign relations there are very few zero-sum games. In the end, there are compromises and everyone has their opinion and interests. I am very happy to say that Israel and India, during the visit of Foreign Minister Jaishankar, were very close in the way they saw and interpreted what is happening in the region. Of course, the interests are very different depending on the country. India has its interests, Israel has its interests. But we take each other’s interests into consideration. because of the dear friendship between our countries, “he said.

Calling the Iranian regime “extreme” in its ideology and “dangerous,” Gilon said: “It has a very extreme ideology and regime and nuclear weapons are totally unacceptable. We won’t let it happen. It’s pretty dangerous if you take the latest statements from the Iranian leadership about the destruction of Israel or a bomb can wipe Israel off the map. It caused a lot of unease. “

Without naming India, Iran has advised its allies not to fall into the trap of Israel’s machinations.

“It is certain that great civilizations with a great history of peace and coexistence are smarter than falling into the traps of such a selfish and bloodthirsty regime with huge records of human rights violations, murders children and the childish remarks of his evil Zionist. sent, “the Iranian statement said.

Israel’s new envoy also spoke about cooperation in the field of counterterrorism. Asked whether India is suffering from cross-border terrorism in Kashmir, Gilon said, “Terrorism is a terrible disease from which the world is suffering. Our two countries have suffered greatly. Over the years, we have developed capabilities and technologies. When it comes to fighting terrorism and eliminating terrorism, there is no limit to our willingness to cooperate. “

He added: “Terrorism must disappear from this world. People need to speak up and resolve differences, not fight them with terrorism and the killing of civilians. We are open to cooperate with all countries, especially India, which are suffering from terrorism. “

Regarding the establishment by the Supreme Court of a committee of independent experts to examine allegations of targeted surveillance of politicians, journalists and activists using Pegasus spyware, the envoy said he this was an “internal” matter of India. He clarified that under Israeli law, software developed by NSO could be exported to any private company or individual. It can only be exported to a foreign government.

“Pegasus was developed by an Israeli company called NSO. NSO is a private company, but under Israeli law it must obtain government permission to export. We strictly prohibit them from exporting any item that is not a government item. They cannot export to private organizations and individuals, ”he said.

The Supreme Court has formed a panel of experts to investigate the Pegasus snoopgate issue. The court said on Wednesday that indiscriminate spying on individuals could not be allowed. The expert committee will be chaired by the former Supreme Court judge, Judge RV Raveendran. The Supreme Court also asked the committee to table a report within eight weeks.

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