Fully secure Iranian-Afghan border: IRGC commander

Tehran: The border between Iran and Afghanistan is fully secure and peaceful after a Taliban attack last week, said a senior commander of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC).

“There is no problem with Iran’s border security, and at present, the entire eastern border of Iran in common with Afghanistan is safe and peaceful,” said Xinhua News Agency quoting Mohammad Pakpour, commander of the IRGC’s ground forces. on Sunday.

The commander said he was traveling to the Iranian town of Dowqarun on the border with Afghanistan to check the readiness of units stationed in the area after the Taliban attack on July 8 and the takeover of the region. Islam Qala’s Afghan customs office across the border.

Pakpour warned that the Iranian armed forces would deal “harshly” with “bandits and smugglers” who might attempt to take advantage of the situation to enter Iranian territory.

Earlier on Sunday, an Iranian police spokesperson announced that a number of Afghan border guards and customs officials who entered Iran amid the Taliban offensive and the takeover of border posts had been repatriated.

“An official request from the Afghan government to the competent authorities of our country asking for the return of their personnel has been approved, and these employees have been returned to Afghanistan by plane,” Mehdi Hajian said in an interview with state television.

On July 8, a number of Afghan border guards and customs officials took refuge at the Iranian customs office in Dowqarun as Taliban militants attacked Islam Qala.

The Afghans, Hajian added, were hosted by Iran for a few days “on the basis of Islamic standards, the principle of good neighborliness and in accordance with international rules and treaties.”

Also on Sunday, the spokesman for the Iranian customs administration announced that business activities at the Mahiroud border terminal, connecting Iran to Abu Nasr Farahi in Afghanistan, had returned to normal.

“With the normalization of activities in the border terminal, the special zone and the Mahirood market, it is possible to send commercial cargoes, and there will be no ban on issuing export or transit licenses. “said Ruhollah Latifi, quoted by IRNA.

Taliban militants have been more active since the withdrawal of American troops in early May, leading to the deterioration of the security situation in Afghanistan.

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