Go ahead and name names of lawyers working for the Russian regime

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Flame. At.

Bob Seely is a Conservative MP from the Isle of Wight and – taking advantage of parliamentary privilege protecting members from defamation to allow full debate – Seely walked away with lawyers representing Russian government bodies and lining the pockets of Putin.

Not just “businesses”. This guy appoints INDIVIDUAL LAWYERS!

According to our pals at Legal Cheek, who are all from a UK perspectivethese lawyers are all “CMS, Carter-Ruck and Harbottle & Lewis, as well as a lawyer from Matrix Chambers”.

Oligarchs, Putin’s henchmen… teaming up with amoral lawyers. These companies have set up a one-stop shop for corruption to offer a form of legalized intimidation to silence their rivals but also journalists and authors, but also an unstructured and unregulated private detective company that now collects kompromat on people in this country.

I don’t blame lawyers for chasing money in happier times. But the failure here, as Seely explains, is with the government. There were opportunities to block this kind of work and no one wanted to take them. This is partly because of the idea that – as with China and Iran (before Trump) – the intertwining of the economy with Europe and the United States can be an instrument of containment, even of reform. . But with the global liberal order collapsing under Trump, Putin clearly decided to try and cash in on Western goodwill and found it was lacking.

Excerpt from the Legal Cheek article:

Barrister Vishal Misra of Great James Street Chambers said naming lawyers and their law firms in this way was “misconduct”.

Oh, fuck you.

Mishra himself is quite young, but there is a cult of lawyers – a bit old – who claim that the new generation is soft, but it’s the snowiest thing ever. If you don’t want to be called out for representing a war criminal, and I say this with all due respect, don’t represent war criminals. Analogies with criminal defendants are such superimpositions. Representing a defendant against the formidable power of the state detached the nobility. Signing oil futures so a dictator can build hypersonic nuclear bombs is not. It is an insult to the profession to claim that they are the same.

I will never support the Tories, but maybe this guy should try his luck at number 10 now. Can it be worse than Boris?

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