‘I didn’t win the election’: Trump admits defeat in session with historians | Books

Donald Trump has admitted that he did not win the 2020 election.

“I didn’t win the election,” he said.

The admission came in a video interview with a panel of historians convened by Julian Zelizer, a Princeton professor and editor of Donald Trump’s Presidency: A First Historical Assessment. The interview was published on Monday by the Atlantic.

Describing his attempts to make South Korea pay more for US military aid, Trump said South Korean President Moon Jae-in was among the ‘happiest’ world leaders after the 2020 US election. placed Joe Biden in the White House.

“By not winning the election,” Trump said, “he was the happiest man – I would say, in order, China was – no, Iran was the happiest.

“[Moon] was going to pay $5 billion, $5 billion a year. But when I didn’t win the election, he must have been the happiest – I would probably say South Korea is third or fourth happiest.

Trump also said the “election was rigged and lost.”

Trump’s refusal to accept defeat to Biden prompted attempts to overturn results in key states in court – the vast majority of those cases ending in defeat – and the deadly attack on the US Capitol on January 6, 2021.

Trump was impeached a second time, on charges of incitement, and acquitted a second time after enough Senate Republicans remained loyal.

Trump therefore remains free to run for the White House again in 2024, which he has repeatedly hinted he would do.

Write for the AtlanticZelizer said Trump “was the one who decided to contact a group of professional historians so that we would produce ‘an accurate book.'”

The former president called the historians assembled by Zelizer a “great group of people, and I think rather than being critical, I’d like you to hear me out, which we’re doing now, and I appreciate that.” .

Trump, Zelizer wrote, “appeared to want the endorsement of historians, with no understanding of how historians collect evidence or make judgments.”

Zelizer also pointed out that shortly after the session with historians, Trump announced that he would no longer give interviews for books about his tenure.

“It seems to me that meeting the authors of the ridiculous number of books written about my very successful administration, or about me, is a complete waste of time,” Trump said. noted in a press release, in July 2021.

“These writers are often bad people who write whatever comes to mind or fits their agenda. It has nothing to do with facts or reality.

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