Iran calls on UNSC to act on Israeli crimes

Addressing a UNSC meeting in New York on Tuesday, Iran’s Ambassador and Deputy Permanent Representative to the UN, Zahra Ershadi, urged the Security Council to uphold its obligation under Charter to maintain international peace and security while the Israeli regime continues to commit the most systematic and flagrant violation. children’s rights in the Middle East.

Here is the text of his speech:

Mister President;

The situation in occupied Palestine remains dire, as the brutality of the Israeli regime and the serious and systematic violations of human rights against the Palestinian people continue unabated.

According to the UN report, the Israeli regime continues to kill innocent people, including women and children, to seize and demolish Palestinian homes and to forcibly evict Palestinians from their homes. At the same time, in flagrant violation of international law as well as relevant United Nations resolutions, the establishment of settlements in occupied Palestine continues.

The recent assassination of Shireen Abu Akleh, a veteran Palestinian journalist, is part of Israel’s long and well-documented campaign of harassment, intimidation and violence against journalists with the ultimate goal of obscuring the atrocities committed by the regime. Israeli against the Palestinians. .

Meanwhile, the UN’s annual report on the protection of children in armed conflict has revealed that the Israeli regime continues to commit the most systematic and flagrant violation of children’s rights in the Middle East. This regime murdered 86 Palestinian children and imprisoned 637 others in 2021.

Mister President,

The humanitarian situation in Gaza is tragic. According to the UN report, nearly 2 million Palestinians are “locked in”, the vast majority unable to access the rest of occupied Palestine or the outside world. Israel’s long-standing policy of restricting access to Gaza has had a stark impact on its economy, leading to high unemployment, food insecurity and aid dependency.

As a collective punishment against all its inhabitants, the continued blockade of Gaza constitutes a clear manifestation of war crimes and crimes against humanity. In accordance with international law, the blockade must be lifted immediately and completely.

In addition, the destabilizing activities of the Israeli regime against countries in the region continue. The regime continues to violate Syria’s sovereignty and territorial integrity through its prolonged occupation of the Syrian Golan, as well as numerous attacks on civilian targets and civilian infrastructure in Syria, including the recent terrorist attacks on the airport Damascus International on June 10, 2022.

The Israeli regime also continues to occupy and violate Lebanese territory in flagrant violation of international law and relevant United Nations resolutions, in particular Security Council resolution 1701..

We strongly condemn these serious violations and these malicious and destabilizing activities, which clearly threaten the peace and security of the region.

The Security Council’s inaction has encouraged the Israeli regime to continue its crimes against the oppressed Palestinian people and its aggression and malign activities against the countries of the region. The lack of accountability for such grave violations contributes to this impunity.

The Security Council must respect its obligation under the Charter to maintain international peace and security. The Council should implement its own resolutions and compel the Israeli regime to immediately cease its systematic violations of human rights and international humanitarian law.

Finally, the representative of the Israeli regime has once again abused this platform and made false accusations against my country, all of which are categorically rejected. These baseless allegations are intended to distract from the atrocities and ongoing violations of international law committed by the Israeli regime in occupied Palestine and other countries in the region.

The weapons of mass destruction in the hands of the Israeli regime have made that regime even more dangerous for the whole region.

The nuclear arsenal of this regime, according to several reports, includes 400 nuclear warheads, including thermonuclear weapons. He has access to all weapons of mass destruction delivery systems. The Israeli regime has even threatened the countries of the region with nuclear annihilation. It has refused to join any disarmament or weapons of mass destruction control regime, as well as repeated international calls to join the NPT, accept the Comprehensive Safeguards Agreement and subject its nuclear programs to inspections by the IAEA.

It is high time for the Security Council to condemn the Israeli regime and force it to adhere to international regimes banning weapons of mass destruction. It’s time to act.

Thank you, Mr. Chairman.

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