Iran reiterates political solution to Yemen crisis as Saudi war enters 8th year

Iran has reiterated its support for a political settlement of the conflict in Yemen as the devastating war and inhuman blockade imposed on the impoverished country, ruled by Saudi Arabia, enters its eighth year.

Iran’s Foreign Ministry voiced concern over the humanitarian catastrophe gripping Yemen in a statement released on Thursday, marking the anniversary of the Saudi-led military aggression.

“The coalition’s destructive war, as well as the cruel siege against the Yemeni people, is entering its eighth year as it has brought the resilient country to bear in the face of the greatest humanitarian catastrophe of the century and has affected mainly civilians, women and innocent children with its direct effects and indirect consequences. The war has also led to the loss of vital infrastructure and facilities in Yemen’s health, livelihood, economy and education sectors,” the statement said.

“The coalition of aggressors has not only launched a campaign of bombardment and rocket fire over the past seven years, but has also used the inhumane and unlawful siege as leverage to obtain political and military concessions. It is also imposing the worst economic warfare and severest siege on Yemen by blocking its land, air and sea routes and preventing the entry of food, fuel and other essentials for the people.

He also criticized the United States and its Western allies for selling deadly weapons to the Riyadh regime.

“The inhumane crime of the aggressor coalition is occurring in the shadow of the continued arms sales by Western and American partisans as well as the application of double standards and a skewed view in the Security Council of the UN. It leads to the continued violation of all international and human rights laws at the scene of the Yemeni crisis,” the statement added.

“As in the past, the Islamic Republic supports all just and practical efforts and initiatives to lift the siege, establish a ceasefire and start intra-Yemeni talks without foreign interference in light of the efforts made by the Special Representative for Yemen, and still believes that the only solution to the Yemeni crisis is a Yemeni-led political settlement.

Saudi Arabia launched the bloody war against Yemen in March 2015 in conjunction with a number of its allies and with military and logistical support from the United States and several Western states.

The aim was to return the old Riyadh-backed regime to power and crush the grassroots resistance movement Ansarullah, which ran state affairs in the absence of an effective government in Yemen.

The war ended long before it had achieved all of its objectives, despite killing tens of thousands of Yemenis and making the whole of Yemen the scene of the worst humanitarian crisis in the world.

Yemeni forces continued to strengthen against the Saudi-led invaders, advancing towards strategic areas held by Saudi-led mercenaries, including Ma’rib province, and conducting several rounds of counterattacks. attacks on Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates in recent months.

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