Iranian contract killer fails to cooperate with Cypriot authorities

Iran has continued to deny accusations that it plotted to attack Israelis in Cyprus, days after Israel said Iran was behind plans for a Tehran-orchestrated act of terrorism against Iranian men. Israeli affairs.

According to the international group of the Fars news agency, the embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Cyprus has responded to the latest accusation of “Zionists against Iran”.

“This [Israeli] the regime continues to make such baseless accusations against the Islamic Republic of Iran; Zionist officials who have repeatedly tried to create an atmosphere against the Islamic Republic of Iran without any documents, ”the Iranian news agency said.

“The Zionist regime has made such accusations against the Islamic Republic of Iran, while the South Cypriot media reported on Sunday this week that a Russian-Azerbaijani citizen entered the Cypriot capital to assassinate Zionist billionaire Teddy Sagi, and suggested that the plot to murder this Zionist businessman had a commercial aspect and financial disputes with Russian partners, ”Fars News reported in Iran.

Sagi, who made his fortune running gaming apps and owns London’s Camden Market, has been told by Israeli authorities – possibly Mossad – that assassins are after him. He fled Cyprus, where he lives, for Israel earlier this week.

Protesters watch Varosha while waving Cypriot flags during a rally calling for peace in Dherinia, Cyprus on October 3, 2021. (REUTERS / YIANNIS KOURTOGLOU)

The hitman allegedly hired by Iran to kill Israeli businessmen apparently did not cooperate with the authorities.

The 38-year-old Azreri man, who holds a Russian passport, did not answer any questions from the police other than telling them where he had rented two cars in Ayia Napa in Cyprus, one of which was had a loaded pistol with a silencer inside that, the Philenews website reported.

Like the Prime Minister’s office, Philenews reported that Cypriot police do not believe the suspect’s target was Sagi, but other senior executives from Sagi’s company on the island of the EU member state .

However, Cypriot police did not confirm Iran was behind the attack.

The Azeri-Russian hitman intended to strike his target and escape to Turkish-occupied northern Cyprus through a crosswalk on an electric scooter. He apparently did not arouse suspicion when he appeared on surveillance cameras.

No residence has been found for the assassin in Cyprus, and authorities assume he lived in the north. They plan to search his phone’s data to see if he was communicating with associates in the north and to trace his recent whereabouts.

Bennett announced Monday that the Mossad launched an operation last month to uncover more information about Israeli Air Force Navigator Ron Arad, who was captured after his plane crashed in 1986. Sources Defense officials said no new information was found.

London-based Arab newspaper Rai al-Youm reported that, as part of the operation, Israel kidnapped an Iranian general in Syria, took him to Africa, and then released him. The report speculated that the attempted terrorist attack in Cyprus was retaliation for the kidnapping.

Iran recently complained about Israeli-Azerbaijani relations and organized military exercises near the Azerbaijani border. Iran has accused Baku of hosting “Zionists,” part of Iran’s concerns about Israel’s role in the region.

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