Iranian drone power challenges US military dominance in region: MP

TEHRAN — An Iranian lawmaker said Iran decided to develop its missile and drone capabilities following the Iraq-Iraq war of the 1980s, and those capabilities challenged US military hegemony in the region. Western Asia.

“The strategy of the Islamic Republic after the end of the war was to develop the missile industry and build drones, which achieved significant success in this field. Today, Americans and NATO commanders recognize the power of Iranian drones, and this power has challenged American military dominance in the region and in the world,” said Javad Karimi Qodousi, member of the parliamentary committee of the national security and foreign policy, to Iranian state information. IRNA agency.

He added: “Iran’s strategy in building drones is to maintain the security of the country’s surrounding environment down to a depth of 2,000 kilometers. When this weapon is supplied to the Lebanese Hezbollah, it can be effective in dealing with the threat of the enemies of Islam.

Referring to demonstrations of Iranian drones during the recent parade of the Venezuelan army, the legislator said: “The demonstration of some of the power of missiles and drones of the Islamic Republic through the media has worried the enemies, and this drone power is a deterrent. for Iran and a source of hope for his friends.

Karimi Qodousi pointed out, “The development and strengthening of Iranian drone power is effective in integrating Islamic countries, and this power can certainly be effective in regional peace and stability.

He added: “According to the declared policy of the leader of the revolution, any person, group or country that stands against the Zionist regime, the Islamic Republic will support it with all its might, and the Islamic Republic can provide them with knowledge. in the field of drones.

The MP viewed NATO as a great danger to the security of the region, stating that “Iran’s and Russia’s concern over NATO expansion is (the basis of) the two countries’ cooperation in the field of foreign policy”.

Qodousi considered the request of some countries to buy drones from Iran as a sign of strength and progress of the country’s defense sector.

“The general policy of the Islamic Republic is to sell drones. Just as the West allows itself to allocate $50 billion in arms aid in the case of Ukraine, and England, France and Germany have also supported this issue,” he said. -he declares.

Iran’s drone capabilities are nothing new. Over the past decade, Iran, thanks to its native scientists, has managed to develop a full range of combat, reconnaissance and surveillance drones. The latest major achievement in this regard was unveiled earlier this month when the Iranian Army Navy inaugurated its first drone carrier which included a variety of modern and advanced types of drones, all expertly produced and manufactured. Iranian army and defense ministry.

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