Iranian military flies suicide drones in war game

In a rapid operation Monday during the main phase of the joint exercise, codenamed Zolfaqar-1400, Iranian Army “Arash” suicide drones traveled a long distance to reach targets with a high precision.

Reconnaissance drones also patrolled the exercise area before army combat drones destroyed hypothetical enemy ships.

According to a spokesperson for the exercise, the local “Mersad” air defense missile system also hit a series of targets on Sunday evening.

The ongoing war game covers an area of ​​over one million square kilometers in southeastern Iran, stretching from the eastern parts of the Strait of Hormuz to the northern parts of the Indian Ocean, all the way to 10 degrees latitude and parts of the Red Sea. .

Troops serving in Army infantry, armored units, mechanized regiments, navy, air force and air defense participated in the main phase of the exercise.

In comments at a press conference on Saturday, the Iranian military’s deputy chief for coordination, Rear Admiral Habibollah Sayyari, said the exercise was aimed at increasing the combat and defense capabilities of the units of the army to protect the territorial integrity of the country.

He also noted that Iranian troops would demonstrate the power of the Islamic Republic in remote waters during the war game, warning enemies that any act of aggression against Iran would result in an overwhelming response from the military.

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