Iranian national arrested

Iranian national arrested

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DEA administrator Anne Milgram and United States Attorney General for the Southern District of New York Damian Williams yesterday announced the arrest of Malek Mohammad Balouchzehi, also known as “Malek Khan” for conspiring to bring heroin in the United States and distribute heroin to be imported to the United States. Balouchzehi is who is an Iranian resident, was detained at the request of Kenyan police on the streets of Nairobi, Kenya on October 6, 2021. He was removed to Kenya into Kenya to the United States on October 9 2021. Balouchzehi was brought to U.S. State Judge Sarah Netburn on the 12th of October.

“This investigation is a testament to our commitment to prosecute criminals who trade in the dangerous and addictive drugs,” said Administrator Milgram. “For many years the DEA’s collaboration with law enforcement agencies all over the world have been crucial to bringing the criminals who pose a threat to their communities’ safety to the justice system. They have ensured that the DEA is determined to go to any lengths to defeat and stop criminal drug traffickers who pose a threat to the health and safety of Americans. “

“Thousands kilometers away Malek Balouchzehi has been alleged to have orchestrated the importation of huge amounts of heroin to the United States apparently without worrying about the destruction caused by the highly addictive opiates that landed on our shores.” said US attorney Williams. “Balouchzehi’s removal into America United States is a direct consequence of our office’s ongoing positive partnership with the DEA We congratulate the exceptional work of officers from the home and abroad who helped make today’s case. possible. “

Based on the allegations made in the suit indicting defendant, which was released today in the Federal court in Manhattan:

Balouchzehi is a dealer in drug trafficking who sells methamphetamine, and also produces and sells heroin. Around the end of October, Balouchzehi and his partner began contacting and meeting with individuals that Balouchzehi said were heroin traffickers who were interested in massive quantities of heroin to be brought to the United States, as well methamphetamine that he wanted to distribute throughout Australia and the United States. Australia. They were, in fact an unidentified source operating in the guidance of DEA and also it was an undercover DEA agent disguised as a New York-based distributor. In December, Balouchzehi had a sample that was approximately 2 kilograms of heroin that he had delivered to Mozambique with the intention that the heroin would later be shipped into in the United States for testing and selling. Based on this sample shipment, Balouchzehi planned to supply more heroin for distribution and importation into the United States, and in December, Balouchzehi planned to supply up 400 kilograms worth of heroin for bring into the United States on the next deal.

Balouchzehi 38, an Iranian citizen, is charged with Iran is accused of an indictment of conspiracy for the importation of heroin to the United States and one count of distribution of heroin in the hope that the drugs be brought in the United States. Each of the charges have a maximum penalty of life in prison and the mandatory minimum sentence is 10-years in jail. The maximum and minimum sentences imposed in law are set forth in Congress and are presented to provide information only, since any conviction for a defendant will be decided by an individual judge.

Administrator Milgram and US attorney Williams expressed their appreciation for the outstanding investigative work of the DEA Special Operations Division, Bilateral Investigations Unit and New York Field Division as well as the DEA Country Offices situated in Nairobi, Maputo, Pretoria, Bucharest and Jakarta; the Kenya National Police; the national police services for criminal investigations of Mozambique as well as the Western Australian Police. Administrator Milgram and United States Attorney Williams also acknowledged for the assistance of Office of International Affairs of the United States Department of Justice for its help.

It is investigated through the Terrorism and International Narcotics Unit of the US Attorney’s Office. Assistant US prosecutor Michael Lockard and Kimberly J. Ravener are responsible for the prosecution.

The allegations contained in the suit are merely accusations that are not substantiated, so the plaintiff is believed to be innocent until and until the guilt of the defendant is proved.

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