Iranian naval drill in Caspian Sea continues for second day

The Commander of the Navy of the Islamic Republic of Iran Army, Rear Admiral Shahram Irani, said on the sidelines of the naval exercise Enduring Security 1401 (2022) that “the ship Damavand (destroyer) was built with the latest technology through the efforts of local experts in order to preserve the territorial integrity of the country in the Caspian region.”

Regarding the naval exercise, he said that the security level will definitely increase significantly if the exercise is conducted in cooperation with friendly, neighboring and brotherly countries.

The Commander of the Strategic Naval Forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran said: “The fourth naval zone of the Imam Reza maritime district in the north of the country was established in the early 1990s with complete military independence, and now it is one of the most important centers for the maintenance of security, peace and friendship in the Caspian Sea.”

The army and navy commander added that “thanks to the blessing of the blood of the martyrs, we were able to achieve the highest level of technology in the Caspian region and today destroyers are being built in the Caspian Sea”.

The naval exercise started yesterday (Friday) and is expected to last two days.


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