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AL-MUKALLA: At least 200 Houthis have been killed in heavy fighting with government forces and in air strikes by Arab coalition warplanes in the past 24 hours in Yemeni provinces of Marib and Jouf, while the militia was entering Marib to gain control of strategic terrain, figures from the coalition and the local army said on Sunday.

An official told Arab News that at least 100 Houthis were killed when the militia launched a series of attacks on government forces in Thana, west of Marib town, on Saturday in an attempt to smash government lines and reach Al-Balaq Al-Qibili. From the mountains to the heights in parts of the city.

“Not all waves of the Houthis have managed to advance or capture an inch in Thana. Many Houthis were killed when our forces and coalition (Arab) warplanes crushed these waves, ”the official said, adding that most of the Houthis’ deaths were due to“ precise ”airstrikes.

The Houthis have recently focused their attacks on areas west of Marib after failing to make territorial gains in Juba, Um Raesh and Al-Amud, south of Marib.

In September, the Houthis invaded districts like Abedia, Rahabah and Hareb after making quick wins in neighboring Al-Bayda province.

The Houthis have again been drawn into a military standoff in Juba after facing stiff resistance from army troops and local tribes. Hundreds of people have been killed in heavy fighting over the past week and the militia has been forced to scale back its attacks due to high casualties, the official said.

The Arab coalition announced on Sunday that it had killed 110 Houthis in 15 airstrikes that destroyed nine Houthi military targets in Marib and Jouf in the past 24 hours.

The coalition has stepped up raids against the Houthis across Yemen, hitting ballistic missile depots, drone workshops and ammunition stores in Sana’a and dozens of military vehicles and fighters heading towards various battlefields.

Based on the coalition’s daily updates on its airstrikes, hundreds of Houthis have been killed and dozens of vehicles destroyed in Marib and other hot spots in Yemen this month.

Intensive aerial bombardment of Houthi targets reinforced government troops on the ground, allowing them to repel Houthi attacks and achieve territorial gains.

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