Iran’s 13th shipment of humanitarian aid arrives in Afghanistan

Rahmatullah baghban
Press TV, Kabul

An Iranian plane carrying another cargo of humanitarian aid landed at Nangarhar airport in eastern Afghanistan on Saturday. This shipment of Iranian aid contains food and medicine and will be distributed to vulnerable families, including victims of recent terrorist attacks. Iranian officials say they will continue to help their neighboring country.

Afghanistan, gripped by two decades of war, has long been in the grip of a humanitarian crisis. The situation worsened after the takeover of the country by the Taliban, the United States and international organizations cut off Afghanistan’s access to assets and loans. Now Taliban officials are calling for humanitarian aid.

The Afghan people also call on the international community to help them survive the deteriorating situation in the country.

The previous 12 shipments of Iranian aid to the Afghan people have been sent to the capital Kabul, as well as to several cities in the country, including Herat, Qandahar and Kunduz by land and air over the past three months. Iran has also stepped up humanitarian efforts in Afghanistan after a series of terrorist attacks claimed by Daesh hit the war-ravaged country.

The United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan warns that to abandon the Afghan people now would be a historic mistake, stressing that urgent action must be taken to address what the UN has called an impending humanitarian disaster.

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