Israel advances plan for controversial Jewish neighborhood in East Jerusalem

Shaked says it’s time someone replaced Netanyahu as right-wing leader

Ayelet Shaked says “it’s time” for another politician to succeed former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as leader of the right.

“The time has come to replace Netanyahu as the leader of the right,” the leader of the Zionist Spirit party told the Israel Bar Association legal conference. “He shook hands with Arafat, freed terrorists and froze settlements. After failing to form a government so many times, it’s fitting that he leaves his seat.

She adds, “But I don’t choose the leader of Likud. Likud voters do.

The former justice minister also said she would not join a Netanyahu-led government that promotes the current version of France’s so-called law, which bars the indictment of a sitting prime minister.

“I am against French law in its current form. I will not be part of a government that supports French law or stops Netanyahu’s trial,” Shaked said.

Netanyahu is on trial on three separate corruption charges. Likud denies that its pursuit of judicial reform is aimed at helping its leader overthrow the judiciary.

Still, Shaked reaffirms his party’s call for a broad unity government that includes Likud. She is also aligning herself with Likud judicial reform politician Yariv Levin in backing a Knesset law that would allow lawmakers to overcome legislative strikes from the Supreme Court with the support of a simple majority of 61 lawmakers.

On another looming legal issue – whether or not to separate the role of legal adviser to the government from that of attorney general, currently held by the same person – Shaked says she has yet to solidify her opinion.

“We have to talk,” she said.

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