Israel’s fight against terrorism is far from over

The successes and failures of Israeli intelligence agencies were exposed recently, in the arrest of a terrorist squad, which carried out a deadly attack on the settlement of Ariel in the West Bank.

Forces located the two men who killed security guard Vyacheslav (Vladi) Golev at his post at the entrance to the settlement in a nearby village. The men surrendered without a fight.

According to the security forces, the men acted on their own and were not directed by any terrorist group.

Security forces must now consider the vulnerability of the guards tasked with protecting one of the largest Israeli towns in the West Bank, and how the terrorists prepared for and carried out their attack, before the guards cannot react.

Golev, who died while protecting his fiancée and partner at the guardhouse, was the 16th Israeli victim of the latest wave of terrorism, which appears far from over, according to the Shin Bet security agency and the military Israeli.

In a speech Saturday, Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar said his organization would fire thousands of rockets into Israel after Ramadan ends.

Hamas assumed the role of protector of Muslim holy sites in Jerusalem. The group provoked riots and clashes by young Palestinians in the Al Aqsa Mosque compound during Ramadan and called for terrorist attacks in the West Bank and inside Israel.

Security agencies hope to see the holy month of Ramadan come to an end without more attacks.

Meanwhile, the media alleged that the Mossad intelligence service, operating in Iran, was foiling plans by the Revolutionary Guard Corps to assassinate an Israeli diplomat stationed in Turkey, a US general in Germany and a French journalist. .

A recording of the investigation of the IRGC operative by Israeli operatives was released on Saturday, where the man describes his mission and the payment he was promised for planning the assassination and later for their executions.

According to reports, after his interrogation, he was released and now resides in Europe.

4 צפייה בגלריה

מנצור רסולי

Mansour Rasouli, questioned for his role in the IRGC assassination plot against Israeli, American and French targets

Earlier this year, Israel reportedly destroyed a stockpile of drones in western Iran, attacking a warehouse from the Islamic Republic.

But the fight against terrorism, in all its forms, continues and despite the reported successes, will continue to be a daily struggle for Israel.

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