New mineral reserves worth over $28 billion discovered in Iran in 8 years

TEHRAN – Data from Iran’s Mines and Mining Industries Development and Renovation Organization (IMIDRO) shows that new mineral reserves worth more than $28.7 billion have been discovered across the country in the over the past eight years.

According to the latest exploration data from IMIDRO, more than 977 million tonnes of new iron ore reserves, 496 million tonnes of new coal reserves and 182 tonnes of new gold reserves have been identified from mining. Iranian calendar year 1392 (started March 21, 2013) through Iranian calendar year 1400 (ended March 20, 2022).

In addition, during the eight years mentioned, 14 million tons of new lead reserves and six million tons of new zinc reserves were discovered.

Other mineral reserves, including brine (363 million tons), barite (103 million tons), rare earth elements (85 million tons), bauxite (17 million tons) and antimony ( six tonnes) also followed the same upward trend.

With 81 different types of minerals, Iran is one of the 10 most mineral-rich countries in the world. In this regard, the Iranian government is seriously pursuing several programs to promote the mining sector as a major contributor to the country’s economic growth.

Iran’s proven iron ore reserves are 2.7 billion tons, while the country’s copper reserves are 2.6 billion tons. The country also has 11 million tons of zinc reserves.

The total proven reserves of Iranian mines are estimated at around 60 billion tons, which are expected to reach more than 100 billion tons with the implementation of the exploration programs of the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Trade on 500,000 square kilometers of new mineral zones.

Despite the country’s enormous potential in this field, due to some problems such as lack of necessary machinery and equipment and lack of access to financial resources and foreign investment due to US sanctions, Iran’s mining sector struggles to function to its fullest. capacity in recent years.

Thus, government programs for the promotion of this industry are mainly focused on using domestic sources to help the mining sector overcome its current problems and achieve its ideal goals.


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