Professor Charged with Iran Sanctions Violations Seeks Release to DC Condo Colleague


Professor Charged with Iran Sanctions Violations Seeks Release to DC Condo Colleague

By Matthew Russell Lee, Patreon
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FEDERAL COURT, November 3 – An Iranian professor accused of violating US Iranian sanctions requested his provisional release in the District of the District of Columbia on November 3. Inner City Press tweeted it live here:

now DC US case against REZA SARHANGPOUR KAFRANI a / k / a “REZA SARHANG” for illegal export of laboratory equipment to #Iran. Today’s hearing before Judge Emmet G. Sullivan is whether Kafrani can be released before trial.

Assistant US Attorney: The proposed third party custodian would not be there and would not be in danger. Federal Public Defender: The proposed third party custodian has security clearance. He works for Habitat for Humanity. There will be no internet access.

Judge Sullivan: I’m sorry, I have to take this call. Wait a minute.

Federal Public Defender: During the break I checked, and the only one who can put internet in the building is Cox Communications, only with the owner’s consent.

Third party custodian: That’s right, what Sabrina said. Judge Sullivan: Do you have 2 units there?

Third party custodian: I do not know how much the deposit would amount to. Sabrina Shroff: Mr. Kafrani could install one of the three units. Judge Sullivan: How does this relate to this case? Shroff: He’s a friend of another professor in Canada. We have a friend in common.

Judge Sullivan: The one you’re willing to put in place, is it mortgaged? It’s very marketable. Third Party Custodian: Located on South Manchester and Arlington Boulevard.

AUSA: We have to look at its entire financial profile. Judge Sullivan: It is marketable property.

Shroff: He doesn’t look young to me. Judge Sullivan (jokingly) Be careful now. (Laughs). Shroff: I’m not young either. Judge Sullivan: I had an affair with a professor, about Iran, I can’t remember now [Note: there’s
also Afrasiabi in EDNY, pro se
with Federal Defender. 

Judge Sullivan: I
need more info, and a proposed
order of forfeiture that would
withstand appellate scrutiny.
AUSA: They don’t know each
other very well. It’s sort of
friend of a friend. 
Judge Sullivan: They are not
strangers. Do you want to
depose him?

Sullivan: I’ll look at the
Judge Howell case, and
whatever you submit. I’m
looking at 2 weeks from now.
Where is he?

Shroff: In the DC
Jail. In C.D.F. Judge
Sullivan: He may be
transferred to Lewisburg soon.
I could order him to remain in
DC, moved to C.T.F.

 [It’s the
Central Treatment Facility,
& Judge Sullivan is
ordering it “sua
sponte.”] He says, “There is progress here.

Shroff: There was a case in 2004 the accused was released. Judge Sullivan: We can check. November 16 at 11 a.m.

Inner City Press will continue to cover the case. This is US c. Kafrani, 21-cr-0501 (Sullivan) DDC

Department of Justice prosecutors said: A federal grand jury in the District of Columbia today released an indictment accusing a Canadian national of illegally exporting laboratory equipment from the United States to Iran, via Canada and the United Arab Emirates (UAE). According to court documents, Reza Sarhangpour Kafrani, alias Reza Sarhang, 46, an Iranian national residing in Montreal, was indicted by a grand jury of the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia on one count of conspiracy, two counts of violations of the International Emergency Economic Powers Act (IEEPA), one count of failure to submit export information and six counts of money laundering. The indictment also includes an allegation of confiscation of all proceeds from the alleged crimes. Kafrani will be brought to justice for the charges on a date to be determined by the court


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