Putin knows Biden is weak

President Joe Biden’s virtual meeting on Tuesday with Russian President Vladimir Putin could be seen as a final check before Russian troops invade Ukraine. Mr. Biden has shown only weakness since taking office. Even its threats of “consequences” seem weak.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy seemed more daring than the US president when he threatened to “derail” any invasion of his country by Russian forces.

See how different the world is after Donald Trump leaves. Mr Biden ordered a hasty withdrawal from Afghanistan, and all the administration could do was brag about the effectiveness of its work in moving so many troops so quickly, despite the 13 U.S. servicemen killed in recent days and the translators and the Americans left behind.

For the first time, China is building a naval base in the Atlantic Ocean, off the coast of Africa. Beijing is also increasing military flights over Taiwan and threatening to invade the democratic island nation. Mr Biden’s response is to announce that he will not send government officials to the 2022 Beijing Olympics. That shouldn’t scare President Xi Jinping.

Iran appears to be continuing its nuclear weapons program. Why wouldn’t he do it, given the religious regime’s belief that Allah wants them to have one in the pursuit of the destruction of Israel and ultimately of the “great Satan,” which would be America.

As a Wall Street Journal editorial puts it, “The problem with the Biden administration is that it came into office believing that the main threat to global stability was Donald Trump. The editorial adds, “China is buying Iranian oil in violation of US sanctions, but the US is also doing little about it. (A) A Biden official said this was best handled “diplomatically” and that the president had addressed it directly with Chinese President Xi Jinping. Mr. Biden weakened Mr. Trump’s maximum pressure campaign against Iran’s nuclear program and replaced him only with diplomatic bodies.

Rogue regimes only engage in “diplomacy” if they think they can tap into their opponent’s pockets.

The West too often believes that everyone wants to be like us. If this were true, wouldn’t they already be more like us?

Evil must be fought, or it grows in nations as well as in individuals. The crime wave in America is in part the result of judges, prosecutors, district attorneys and calls for police funding. Criminals naturally see this weakness as an opportunity to loot and kill, fearing little or no consequences.

If Mr. Putin invades Ukraine, if China invades Taiwan, if Iran completes a nuclear bomb, if North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un decides to act against South Korea, everyone can see this as the perfect opportunity to adopt behavior they might think twice if America had a strong president.

Just as criminals tend to avoid places where there is effective security and bullies prey on people they perceive to be unable or unwilling to fight back, so do the leaders of “evil empires”. feel emboldened when they conclude that they will not be effectively combated by the “strongest nation in the world,” a nation which under Mr. Biden is increasingly seen by our adversaries as weak.

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