Rally in London, Ont. for rights and freedom in iran

Members from London, Ont. On Saturday, the Iranian community and its supporters gathered for a march rally around Victoria Park.

They repeated slogans calling for freedom and regime change within the Islamic Republic.

They are also determined to spread the message about the ongoing struggle for women’s rights in Iran.

The issue has been raised around the world since the death of Mahsa Amini.

The 22-year-old Iranian woman is believed to have died in police custody after wearing her hijab too loosely. This is in violation of the rules requiring women in public to wear the Islamic headscarf.

Iranian authorities reported that she had a heart attack, but said she was not injured. Amini’s family disputed this, leading to public outcry and protests within the country and beyond.

The London rally is an extension of those protests, says Ehsan Zareei, an organizer.

He says those protesting locally stand in solidarity with growing dissent in Iran.

“They want to show their fellow Iranians in Iran that they are not alone, and they want to be their voice and support their cause for freedom, human rights and women’s rights,” he said. at CTV News London.

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