Senators say Biden is using Ukraine distraction to strike ‘bad deal’ with Iran

A growing number of Republican US senators say the Biden administration is taking advantage of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine to seal the nuclear deal with Iran.

Senator Bill Hagerty said on Sunday that President Joe Biden hopes the invasion of Russia “provides a distraction while he strikes another nuclear deal that gives Iran and its terrorist proxies tens of billions in sanctions relief.”

He added: “I assure you that I am not distracted and that I will do my best to stop this bad deal.”

Slamming Biden for his response to President Vladimir Putin’s murderous attack, Hagerty said Biden needed to “show resolve” because Putin only responds to “people who show a backbone” and stand up to authoritarian leaders in order to help the country fight back.

Senator Dan Sullivan, another Republican lawmaker, also say sunday that “the courageous struggle of Ukrainians has united the West to a degree not seen in a long time” and “Biden is aiming for that unity by resurrecting the dangerous Iran nuclear deal.”

He added, “The Biden administration is desperate to revive the dangerous Iran nuclear deal, and the mullahs in Tehran know it,” stressing that “this is how bad politics is done.”

Saturday, Senator Kevin John Cramer said reviving the 2015 nuclear deal between Iran and world powers only emboldens Iran and endangers the security of the United States and Israel.

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