Six terrorists killed in Balochistan


ISLAMABAD: ISPR announced on Friday that following confirmed intelligence on the presence of terrorists in a hideout near Kharan, Balochistan, FC Balochistan Sud conducted an IBO.

As soon as the troops sealed off the area, the terrorists opened fire to flee their hiding place. During an intense firefight, six terrorists, including two commanders, Gul Mir alias Pullen and Kaleem Ullah Bolani, were killed. A large cache of weapons and ammunition has been recovered in the area, the ISPR said in a statement. News Desk adds: The CTD and the LEA jointly detected the terrorists involved in the Gwadar suicide bombing of the Chinese. CTD spokesman said an PCI had been carried out by CTD Balochistan in the city of Turbat. Three terrorists who facilitated the attack were arrested. Explosives and hand grenades were recovered.

According to some sources, on September 21, 2021, the CTD of Balochistan obtained information that a terrorist from the Baluch Liberation Army was present in Turbat Bazar. He intended to carry out terrorist activities on the general public, LEAs and government facilities. On this information, a raid was carried out and Shoaib, n / a Izzat Ali, resident of Gwadar, was arrested. Another raid was carried out on his pointing and two more arrests were made with recovery of explosive material. The recoveries included a hand grenade, two detonators, two prima strings and explosive material from bags. During questioning, the terrorists revealed that they were part of the facilitation network for the Gwadar suicide bombing that claimed the lives of four innocent children. A Chinese national was also injured.

Terrorist Arif, n / a Dur Muhammad Dura, has revealed that his brother Ahmed transported the suicide bomber from the Ramin region to Iran. He received the suicide bomber upon his arrival on the night of August 10 and provided him with accommodation near the customs warehouse. He also revealed that Rasool Bux, a resident of Sheeran, in the Chahbahar region of Iran, was the mastermind of the attack. He also revealed that Rasool Bux also used his father, the late Dur Muhammad Dura, to transport four terrorists who carried out the attack on the PC hotel, Gwadar, in 2019. He said the boat carrying the suicide bomber was rowed. by his brother. Ahmed. Arif guided Riaz to bring the suicide bomber to a room near the customs warehouse. The bomber, along with another arrested defendant, Adil, stayed at Arif’s home before the explosion and made the final reconnaissance. The CTD spokesman said further raids were planned to arrest the remaining members of the network.


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