The agency has foiled dozens of Iranian terror plots against Israelis

Mossad chief David Barnea said Monday that his agency had foiled dozens of Iranian terror attacks targeting Israeli businessmen, tourists and diplomats.

Barnea spoke at a lecture on terrorism at Reichman University and said the nuclear deal as it stands is based on Iranian lies. “Tehran is seeking nuclear weapons that will endanger our existence and the deal will provide an easier path for Tehran, with international legitimacy.

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            Iranian operative in Istanbul as plans to attack Israelis unfold

Iranian operative in Istanbul as plans to attack Israelis unfold

“Iran must end its deception that has been going on for years and the world must demand the truth,” he said.

He claimed that if an agreement is signed, the Islamic Republic would receive an immediate influx of six billion dollars in addition to a minimum of $90 million per year.

“The talks on a return to the agreement only reinforce the regime in its policy of terror,” he said. “If they are not held to account for this, they will continue to terrorize the world, in a way that provides leaders with plausible deniability,” he said.

“Even if only a fraction of this money is diverted to terrorism, our challenge and that of the world to combat it will be enormous, he said. This is one of the major flaws of the agreement, as I told US officials during my visit to Washington. The deal will bring Iran closer to a bomb. It may be positive in the short term, but not in the long term,” he said. he declares.

“Terrorism has been the cornerstone of the Iranian regime since its conception,” Barnea said. “This is a regime that sees violence as a legitimate state tool, funded by the government,” he said.

Barnea accused Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khanenei of expanding his country’s military nuclear program, destabilizing the Middle East and spreading terror around the world.

“Iran uses terror for its own means, not to protect its citizens but to seize power and control,” he said, adding that Tehran was providing shelter for al-Qaeda leaders and used for the regime’s terrorist purposes,” he said.

“We don’t turn away from the proven truth,” he said. “Even if an agreement is signed, it will not provide the Iranians with immunity from the actions of the Mossad. They will have no plausible deniability. We will uncover their complicity, and no one will be immune. We will not go after their proxies. We will go after those who send them – to Tehran,” he said.

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