The Iranian navy will deal a fatal blow to its enemies, deputy to cmdr. warns

“Our message to friends is peace and security, but if any country and group dare to threaten the Islamic Republic of Iran, our response will be lethal,” said Iranian army deputy navy commander. Admiral Hamzeh Ali Kaviani at a press conference. inspection visit to the maritime district 1 of the Iranian army navy on Tuesday.

Recalling the chief’s insistence on the development of the Makran coastal region, Admiral Kaviani said that the development of the Makran coastal region plays a very important role in the development of the country’s economy.

He added that the military navy has focused its attention and capabilities on the development of the strategic Makran region.

He pointed out that the navy has been providing health facilities and roads to the residents of Makran since 2007.

The Army Navy Deputy Commander added that all capabilities of Maritime Districts 2 and 3 are dedicated to the development of the Makran coastal region.

“In order to see more prosperity and development in the south-eastern coastal region of the country, we must become a great naval power, which, thank God, we have become a superpower in the maritime domain thanks to the commander’s wise guidance. . in chief of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

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