The Islamic Republic will attack anyone involved in protests anywhere

Iran’s Vice President for Parliamentary Affairs has threatened that the Islamic Republic will respond to anyone involved in the current protests anywhere in the world.

Mohammad Hosseini made the remarks during an interview on Thursday with Al Mayadeen TV, a media outlet close to the Iranian-backed Lebanese militant organization Hezbollah.

“We will respond wherever necessary, even in other countries, as we did in the case of Iraqi Kurdistan. We can even take certain measures and not announce them,” he said.

The intelligence services of the United States, United Kingdom, France, Israel and Saudi Arabia are conspiring against the Islamic Republic around the clock, he claimed, adding that “even some embassies Europeans” tried to provoke people during the recent demonstrations and were therefore warned.

Referring to the ongoing protests and strikes across the country and their coverage by Iran International and other foreign Persian-language media, he said, “We now consider Iran International to be a terrorist network. Many of its elements inside the country have been arrested.

He added that “Iran International, Manoto, BBC, etc. have unleashed a media tsunami against the Islamic Republic and its people”, saying that “they based their work on the big lie of killing Mahsa Amini [by hijab police]someone who had been sick since childhood.

Thursday, Iranian secret service arrested Elham Afkari, claiming that she was “an agent” of Iran International. Afkari is the sister of Iranian wrestler Navid Afkari who was executed in September 2020, after participating in protests. Earlier in the week, two of our journalists were informed of the threats to their lives by the British police.

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