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Pottstown is and has been on a downward spiral for years. Don’t take my word for it, just walk down the High Street. They say to shop in Pottstown. Good luck ! There are only a handful of businesses open. What people see are streets strewn with trash and empty storefronts. Some things may be in the works, but what the borough council sees is not what the rest of us see. It takes leadership!

I can’t invent this thing! On March 25, Biden is in Poland to say that the solution to America’s energy crisis, which Biden has created, is “high-tech smart thermostats” for America! It reminds me of Jimmy Carter’s answer to the energy crisis, “put on more sweaters and trade your gas mowers for push mowers”! Biden really needs to stay at a “Holiday Inn Express!” But, I doubt that helps Bandon!

So funny. Republican gubernatorial candidates in Pennsylvania accept debates as long as no one asks them questions. They don’t want you to know what their plans are if they win. They also have a list of other ridiculous requests. You can search for it. What are they afraid of?

Part 2 of 3: Property Tax, Staff Property Tax, Property Tax, Road Use Tax, County Tax, Recreational Vehicle Tax, Sales Tax, School Tax, Social Security Tax, Income Tax tax, state unemployment tax, building permit tax, utility billing tax, federal telephone excise tax, federal, state, and local telephone tax, cell phone tax, cable TV tax, satellite dish tax, minimum telephone usage tax, utility tax, vehicle registration tax, airline tax, hotel tax…

Tax department

Joe Biden should stay in his basement and let his handlers run the country rather than let him go out in public and make things worse. Dementia Joe stepped out of the script and called for regime change in Russia. Them some serious threatening words that Vlad will not take lightly. Of course, Double Scoop Biden’s handlers had to scramble to make it clear that the world didn’t hear what the world heard Gramps say.


Far-right conservatives claim to be the opposite of ‘progressives’. Wouldn’t that make them “regressive”? Think about it. Where do you think they want to take us?

If she can’t tell what a woman is, how the hell can she tell what the American Constitution is?


Oh boy, the CNN streaming service is launching soon. More access to what was once a good outlet for news, but has become another opinion beak for biased drivel with occasional news.

The moderate

Lefty, please explain how Trump has anything to do with gas prices. Please provide detailed details to support your claim. Just provide a clear and simple answer; no bloviation.


If text messages came out of KBJ’s husband texting Obama’s chief of staff to steal Trump’s 2016 election, heads would explode at Fox “News,” but Clarence Thomas’ wife does it and they’re crickets . Why was Thomas the only dissenter to provide documents relating to January 6? Of course to protect his wife’s actions.


If someone is running a pool regarding a US President’s next child to be indicted… I choose Hunter Biden as my pick.

Robert Minner

Those Democrats you see moaning and gritting their teeth in response to what is happening in Ukraine might laugh at those affected. After all, we’re talking about Democrats most of whom don’t care about postnatal abortions. No, the Bidens, Pelosis, Clintons, Kerrys and Romneys fear their illegal activities will be exposed and risk a nuclear exchange to keep their secrets safe… Let’s hope they don’t succeed.

Uranium, Oil and Technology – How Russia Got Stronger as the Bidens and the Clintons Got Richer. Now that’s something to consider!

When Nancy Pelosi speaks, remember she’s 3rd in line for the presidency: Nancy Pelosi explaining inflation: “When we have this discussion, it’s important to dispel some of those who say, well, it’s the government spending. No, this is not the case. Government spending does the exact opposite, reducing the national debt. It’s not inflationary. Source: Biden, Harris, Pelosi – three of the most incompetent and least intelligent people to ever lead the United States.

Michael Stern

The primary determinant of a president’s effect, whether positive or negative, on gas prices is the president’s party and the corporate news channel you watch.


Putin implies the threat of using nuclear weapons. Maybe he’s bluffing. Right-wing ideologues are shouting, “Call him bluffing! Of course, they are not the ones who risk frying, if Putin is not as rational as they believe. So, to all of you, what do you say?

Dave F, you missed the mark. Trump tried to extort the president from Ukraine. Witness after witness, Trump has extorted the Zelenskyy on Hunter Biden. I guess you missed the mark. Turn off Fox News from time to time! You could find out what’s going on.

Jay Miller

Unlike President Biden, Donald Trump understands diplomacy and would never call Vladimir Putin a “war criminal”. This will only make Putin angry and push him to do something reckless. People could get hurt.

Emily L.

Patriot45, in October 2020, Amy Comey Barrett, sitting on the 7th District Court of Appeals, was qualified to serve on the SCOTUS. As of March 2022, Ketanji Brown Jackson, sitting on the DC District Court of Appeals is not qualified to be on the SCOTUS, in your opinion. They have a similar upbringing and background – the only difference is their skin color. This disqualification on your part screams racism if anything.

David M.

The biggest hoax in the world is “proof”. The demand for “evidence” is nothing more than a ploy to end discussion and intimidate people who are sure they know what they know. Insisting on someone to provide “evidence” of a firmly held belief is part of the liberal conspiracy to undermine faith in God and all that we hold dear. As the best Sound Off writers know, the key to truth is sincerity, not “evidence.”

J Swift

In one form or another, Biden voters are reminded daily of the grave mistake they made. It is a common sense fact that elections have consequences. And every sane voter knew what would happen if dork Joe was allowed to occupy the Oval Office. Next election, please vote with your head instead of your fragile emotions.

Little Joe

To all the Donald Trump sheep puppets flipping around and doing nothing on Sound Off. You really embarrass yourself with your lack of political knowledge. So tonight, watch more Fox fake news, then remember what you heard and emails ringing. Lol, you puppets are tripping. Beware the Democrats – the Republican buffoonery is still out there. So take shelter.

Robin’s Quiver

It seems that Senator Blackburn does not know the difference between the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence. Republicans need to be educated!

Queen of the Hill

I would feel much better about defaming Russia if it weren’t for the promise we made to them in 1991. We promised them, when the Soviets broke up and Germany reunified, that NATO would not move an inch further east. We have broken that promise in 14 countries, including some bordering Russia. Would we like that? Doesn’t sound like “The Golden Rule” to me.

The truth must be told

New PA electoral redistricting maps have been finalized. Respected non-partisan groups; League of Women Voters, Fair Districts PA, Draw the Lines PA and the Committee of Seventy, all agreed and applauded the final cards. However, Republican House Leader Kerry Benninghoff of Center County is still seeking legal options to challenge the maps. Why can’t Republicans agree for once? Stop crying and move on.

Just a retired guy

Missy Miss and RS my friends and I are black voters who support our president so we are offended by what you said you are upset because the best man won why are you so quick to judge can- you do a better job when did you run for office if you don’t like it here then let russia try they need a few more idiots

John of Pottstown

Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi identify as devout Catholics, just like this Penn swimmer dude identifies as female. Progressive Democrats just nod in agreement while normal people scratch their heads in disbelief. Dems be tripp’n!


Biden and his team of clowns continue the clownish spectacle that is the negotiations with Iran. Apparently, Russia is still negotiating the negotiations with Iran and we continue to participate in them. Russia stands to gain $10 billion if the deal goes through with the installation of nuclear sites in Iran.

Grant W

Nancy Pelosi wants to pass a new bill to get over $400 million for covid virus relief. Why does she want it? The virus is shrinking. The money that was allocated to it the first time, some states have used it for pet projects, while other states have not spent anything yet. It smells of graft.

I just read that “essential oils” are beneficial for a human’s sense of well-being. I am okay. For me, “essential oil” is what drips from a double cheeseburger. They always do me good!

jim fitch

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