The Pentagon is investigating whether a soldier attacked a US base in Syria


The U.S. military is investigating whether a U.S. service member was involved in the execution of an April 7th Green Village base in eastern Syria, an incident that left four Americans injured and was initially blamed on an Iranian-backed militia.


The ‘potential suspect’ in the bombing – an unnamed US service member – is now back in the United States, an Army spokesman said in a statement Monday. . Forbes.

The spokesman said the Army and Air Force are still investigating the attack and that the investigation “may or may not develop sufficient evidence to identify a perpetrator or perpetrators and … secure a conviction before a court”.

Investigators initially thought the attack came from off base, as it does typical for mortar and rocket attacks in the area, but later concluded that an assailant placed explosive charges near an ammunition storage area, the US-led anti-Islamic State coalition announcement April 14.

The attack was carried out using a ‘military-grade’ explosive device more powerful than a hand grenade, military officials say Told CNN, which first reported on the investigation.

Anonymous US officials Told CNN that security footage showed a “fast-moving” character in two cases at the time of the attack, though it’s unclear if the character was the same person in both cases.

The four injured servicemen were treated for traumatic brain injuries, but returned to duty weeks after the attack, CNN reported.

What we don’t know

The motive for the attack on Green Village remains unclear.

Key context

Operation Inherent Resolve was form in 2015 to fight the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, and he contact information activities in other neighboring countries. The Islamic State lost almost all of its territory more than three years ago, but about 900 US troops remain in Syria to Support the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces in their fight against the remaining Islamic State forces in the country. Iran-backed militias supporting Syrian President Bashar al-Assad are active in Syria and have been initially blamed for the attack on Green Village. Iranian-backed militias have also been accused of executing other attempted strikes against US installations in Iraq and Syria, including a separate artillery attack in mid-2021 in eastern Syria in which no Americans were injured, Reuters reported.

Further reading

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