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A woman named Zahra Esmaili, who lives in Iran, has been sentenced to death after killing her abusive husband, a suspected intelligence ministry official. On the day of the execution, the woman, who was in the same place as those sentenced to death, died horribly. In the meantime executionEsmaili died of a heart attack while watching the deaths of 16 people who were executed before her.

A woman named Zahra Esmaili, who lives in Iran, admitted that she and her two children had been persecuted by her husband. Claiming that her husband had abused her children, the mother shot and killed her husband on July 16, 2017. Her children, who were then sleeping in their bedrooms, were arrested as accomplices, her daughter was sentenced to five years in prison, and her son was acquitted and released. Esmaili was sentenced to death for the murder of her husband.


Esmaili’s lawyer, Omid Moradi, said the woman died of a heart attack while awaiting death row, according to reports from the Mirror. The woman, who witnessed the execution of the 16 people before her live, could not bear it any longer when she saw that it was her turn. After Esmaili died of a heart attack, authorities decided to hang the woman’s lifeless body, this time to carry out the death sentence.

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