US lawmaker advocates providing India with military equipment to fight China, Taliban

The United States must strengthen relations with India to keep China and the Taliban under control, an influential Republican lawmaker said on Monday.

The remarks come days after Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited here where he had a meeting with President Joe Biden and attended the historic Quad Summit in person.

“Providing India with the military equipment needed to fight China and now the Taliban in Afghanistan should be our first step in strengthening a defense partnership with India,” wrote Congressman Mark Green. in an editorial in Real Clear Defense.

The Republican legislator represents the seventh congressional district of Tennessee in the United States House of Representatives.

“To combat China’s rise to power, the United States must strengthen its defense partnership with India,” he said.

Green said he was encouraged by the growing alliance between India and the United States since the resurgence of the quadrilateral security dialogue in 2017, and his hope is that India remains at the heart of the Indo strategy. peacefulness of President Biden.

“By helping India modernize its defense systems, the United States can empower India to defend itself and provide security in the Indian Ocean and Western Pacific region. This is all the more important since the fall of Afghanistan into the hands of the Taliban, ”he wrote.

Over the past 15 years, the official said the United States and India have reached defense deals worth $ 20 billion, but that is not enough anymore.

When the United States withdrew from Afghanistan and the Afghan security forces collapsed, the Taliban received virtually over $ 80 billion in US military equipment, he said.

In addition, China has systematically modernized its military over the past two decades and established the largest navy in the world. We must help India to approach this new paradigm, he wrote.

“We can do this by concluding the agreement with India to purchase 30 armed MQ-9 harvester drones or by helping them expand their fleet of P-8I maritime surveillance aircraft. Instead of appeasing adversaries like Iran and sending planes out of Tehran full of money, we should invest in relationships with countries that have restored our friendship, ”Green wrote in the op-ed.

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